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Many food or beverage products sold today started with an idea just like yours, where people experimented in their home kitchens, trialled countless batches and recipes with friends and family, and then sold their product at markets and smaller stores. For them, it was a long, hard journey involving considerable trial and error, bucket loads of money and ingredients, and with many mistakes made along the way.

Would you rather take the long, hard road or fast track your way to success? 

With a breadth and depth of experience in the food industry in quality control, product development, nutrition, and technical sales with both small companies and large multinationals, our consulting service is well positioned to save you from a product development disaster and streamline the amount of time and money you invest to ensure repeat sales

With our focus on ‘getting it right first time” why not join our expanding group of satisfied and repeat customers from start -up food businesses to national and international brands.


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