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To launch a new food product or beverage profitably means you have to get everything right from the beginning- not only the taste and texture of your product, but also the planning and strategic management of your product portfolio and compliance with mandatory food safety and national food standards  - to ensure repeat sales.

To help you get started we offer the following interactive and practical options:

  1. Face to face confidential meetings to provide all you need to know about how to develop and launch your idea and who else can help you along the way, including possible funding opportunities
  2. Customised confidential inhouse workshops to build technical capacity
  3. Public workshops on specific technical issues of current interest including but not limited to
  • How to commercialise your food product
  • How to determine the shelf life of your products
  • Keys to understanding food preservation
  • How to use commercial food ingredients for best results

If you have a specific need and are not sure whether we can help, please call us on 0401 734 256

*** Watch this space for upcoming events in the near future.


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Payment may be made by EFT

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